Close Up & Table Magic

Get up close and personal even becoming a part of the magic as it is performed right in your hands.

“I have seen magic on television, but to have it happen in my hands was truly amazing” Gillian, Glasgow

It is not just children that enjoy magic and even balloons. Bob can come smartly dressed to your wedding and entertain the guests, both children and adults alike, with his unique professional and humorous brand of close up and table magic. He can walk around your event while the guests arrive and during the photographs, entertaining your guests and keeping the party atmosphere going and helping to make this special event truly a day to remember.

Bob can also entertain the guests between courses and after the wedding meal providing an intimate magical experience at each table.  An experience that will help ensure your wedding guests will remember your very special day for a long time.

“Everyone, not just the children enjoyed the magic and balloons at the wedding. It added a special touch to the day”. Michelle, Dumbarton

Having a special party.

Bob can provide a unique magical experience at your event with effects tailored to the birthday person. It helps create a great party atmosphere relaxing the guests and getting them into the party spirit. Whether it is a relaxed anniversary or retirement party, or lively birthday or work party, Bob’s professional and humorous style can be tailored to suit any event.

“Bob a big thank you for making my husband’s birthday so special. Everyone had a really great time.” Angela, Hamilton


The adaptability of table and close up magic, added to the fact it is self contained and requires no advanced setting up or special conditions, makes it ideal entertainment for even the busiest restaurant. Each table receives a totally individual show tailored to the guests in that group enhancing the overall dining experience, and creating a totally magical atmosphere at your restaurant.

Table magic can help improve your business by creating a unique selling point. It helps create a more relaxed and pleasurable dining experience as guests are entertained while waiting to order or between courses. In Bob’s experience working in other restaurants it helps generate business as larger parties will attend a restaurant if they are aware a magician or entertainer will be performing, especially if they have children with them.

“”I often get asked when Bob Bonkers is next in the restaurant. People love the idea of their family being entertained when they come here” Neil, the Bridge Inn.

Bobs close up and table magic requires no setting up as it fully self contained and requires no special conditions at your event.